From the makers - the naked truth

Product manager. "El Hombre"

"It was a warm and sunny day on river Tay. We were testing some prototypes (and doing some fishing as well, of course) when Jim from Guide Flyfishing (our UK distributor) got an idea to make a short video about our new premium XO fly rods. So I did some Hollywoooood style casting and then sat down on a rock and told the short (no BS allowed) story about our new premium XO rods. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did doing it."

Product manager. CI, MCI & THCI by FFF

"There's a lot of passion and work put into this premium product range. These products are the result of co-operation of our product managers (yours truly and Tuomas Rytkönen) and our World Team. Since the first prototypes arrived three years ago, we've been casting countless hours and gone through every possible variation of functionalities, materials and components. The best part obviously has been fishing with the prototypes. They have seen trout from all Nordic countries, Kola Peninsula, New Zealand and the lakes and reservoirs of the UK. They've fooled cutthroats from Yellowstone and graylings from the crystal clear waters of the Central Europe. And much more. The rods were designed to excel in the kind of fishing they'll most likely be used at. The lines were designed in conjunction with the rods. With the softer head you'll get soft presentation with long leaders when necessary and the stiffer running line ensures good shooting and long carries. In our opinion the STD taper is the ultimate do-it-all taper for river and stillwater fishing."

Tested by anglers. Verfied by fish.

FFF Master Casting Instructor

"Probably the best fly line I have ever used for trout fishing. Silky smooth to cast and travels far when needed. Various single-hand spey and roll casts feel almost too easy. A killer line on our latest trip to New Zealend."

FFF Master Casting Instructor

"XO line works well with any distance. Rollcast or switchcast are easy to make. It has everyting what a good line must have and there are not so many on the markets. Regarding the XO rods - my compliments to the designers. You can make short and long casts with basically no power at all. The reel seat with the finnish wood was very nice."

Vision World Team member,actor


Guide, Fish Your Dream

"A floating line is nowadays rarely used on the coastal fly fishing. I use it a lot regardless the season and water temperature! XO line has a long belly with a short front taper allowing a good turnover. It is a long casting line, which works well in windy conditions. The varying hardness of the coating allows sick tight loops!"

World Fly Fishing Team Norway

"First we have to say that it's a really nice line, which allows you to hold 20 meters of line in the air easily. It's obvious that XO is an excellent line for distance casting with high precision. It also shoots very well even with just 10 meters outside your rod tip and with high line speed it can cast far even without the whole head out. Accuracy and turn over on this line is really nice, even with 2 rod lengths of leader there is no problem getting straight presentations of your leader. XO seems to have barely no memory what so ever and lays totally straight on the water, which allows us to have 100% contact with our flies. We tried some switch-casting and even with that long head it's no problem to cast quite far without the cast collapsing. We are super happy with how the XO-line performs in stillwater. In addition to that we think that XO will perform really well in rivers with spooky trout. It lands on the water very lightly with the kind of taper it has. So we are really looking forward to trying it in waters like Hemsila, which are true dry fly purist waters."

The ultimate rod tester

The man who has tried most of the 9' #5 and #6 on the market and spends +200 days on the water all over the world.

"This(XO 9' #6) is a super rod! From the moment you pick up this rod it feels like an extension of your arm. It's light and the #6 actually feels more like #5 for the weight and balance but when you cast it you notice that it's a true #6. It's fast but it still has feel and it works as well for different roll and spey casts as it does for overhead. I've tried it with a lot of different lines and I can tell you that it will cast a lot of different lines. Ofcourse the XO line is the perfect match and I liked the #6 line on the #6 rod so there was no need to overline the rod. The line works really well with short casts but I like to launch a long one whenever I can. With this line I could hang a lot of line out because of the long rear taper. That's the way I like it. The coating is excellent with the stiffer running line and softer head!

Vision Polska

"In our opinion XO is really good, universal fly line. Line has good presentation on short and long distances. Casting is easy almost from the begining (short distance). Roll casts work beyond expectations as well. In the air the line is stabile in any distance of casting especially with bigger or heavier flies. We really like the coating - it's slick and fast in guides. One thing what could be different is running line - it could be a little bit thinner. XO is soft and got no memory even in cold weather. Colour is highly visible on water - it's good. "

A photographer & seasoned fly fisherman

There is a new SHERIFF in town. I got a new XO 9'6'' #7 in my hands just few weeks before I went to fish the last week of salmon season in Northern Norway. After using it successfully first on our trout streams in Finland and then in Norway I have to say that Vision has been able to create a perfect rod for streamer fishing for big browns and for fishing for Atlantic salmon with dry flies - this rod is my first choice for both of them.