We started the XO project in 2013. The goal was to make a rod that exceeds all the rods we've made so far in every aspect. In this time we have tried and tested a lot of different combinations of materials and actions. Good enough was not going to cut it – it had to be as close to perfect as possible. We also wanted to add something that tells about our origins in Finland.


The Light Nymphmaniac

Light tippets are a must for effective nymphing. This is especially true in clear waters but also in harder currents to get the nymphs down to the correct depth and with a good drift. That's the main reason why the #3 weight rods are the go-to weapons for most competitive anglers. The sensitivity is the key with this #3 XO. Vision product manager Antti Guttorm: "This is my choice for most European nymphing I do. Amazing balance and feel."

The Creek Dominator

The go-to-rod for dry fly fishing and smaller rivers. A bit deeper action compared to the 9' #5 for roll casting on small rivers. Vision product manager Antti Guttorm: "I call this the Weissenbach special. I Love this rod on the small rivers of Austria and it's also my choice for dry fly fishing for grayling."

The Nymphmaniac

The nymph fishing machine. Feels like shorter than it is because of the great balance. The extra length and lightweight makes mending a long line easy. AG: "Czech, French, Spanish, Polish, or whatever nymphing this is the rod!"

The Benchmarker

If you need a rod for dry fly and nymph fishing this is it. Works great for both overhead and roll casts. The feeling when you pick it up is amazing! This is the rod of choice of many dry fly and nymph fishing experts around the globe. AG: "What can I say. I'm a 9'#5 guy. And this is my rod. Period."

The Medium

This medium version is equipped with a bit deeper action than the original XO 9' #5. Excels in roll and spey casts even with indicator setups.AG: "I can't have too many 9' #5's. The original #5 I pack for my trips upnorth and Kola Peninsula and this Medium version I take on the streams in central Finland and Austria where I need to do more roll and spey casts."

The Generalist

If you add streamer fishing to the equation this is ultimate trout rod. Doesn't matter if it's dry fly, nymph or streamer fishing this rod excels. AG: "I'd be happy to take this rod and go anywhere in the world for trout fishing. My choice for sea trout fishing in Northern Norway."

The Sheriff

Streamer and salmon dry fly fishermen, there's a new sheriff in town! Handles big flies and spey casting like no other. If you enjoy watching your single spey unroll cross the river this is the rod. AG: "I love salmon fishing with dry flies with this one! My choice for streamer fishing anywhere."

The Widowmaker

It's hard to believe this is a 10' #7. It feels like a shorter rod when you are using it due to superior balance. The lakes and reservoirs might suddenly start to feel smaller with this rod. AG: "Even though I don't like to use word best that much I'll do it. This is THE best 10' #7 I've had in my hands ever!"

The Unknown Soldier

This rod is made for heavy-duty single handed salmon fishing. Will thrive whenever you need stronger rod for streamer fishing as well.AG:"If there's really big salmon on the menu with dry flies this rod will be cooking."