Congratulations on buying this fine product manufactured by Vision Group of Finland.

This tackle is covered by XO service & warranty from the date of purchase and registration. It does not affect or reduce the owner's statutory rights which cover against manufacturing and material during the statutory period.

Ten (10) Years XO service *

In the event of a breakage, your single-hand XO rod's broken part will be replaced with a new one at fixed rate of 79€ (per piece). For double handers the fixed rate is 110€ (per piece). Contact and simply tell where to ship needed part. In case we need to ship outside EU additional cost 30.00€ will be added. Vision Group is not responsible for possible duties and custom costs when shipping outside EU. This online system works for up to three rod parts only. In case you need complete rod please contact our service center.


  • In case of discontinued models the whole rod will be replaced with the nearest current model.
  • XO Unconditional Service only applied to the original owner.
  • XO Unconditional Service does not cover misuse, neglect, theft, loss or intentional damage.
  • Vision Group Ltd reserves the right to change the fixed rate from time to time without notice.
  • After ten year period we naturally continue to support all XO customers with our service, but from this point all possible charges will not be fixed and follow the actual cost of service case by case.

Registration needs to be made by your dealer once XO rod is sold.

Only after this rod is activated for XO service. Please see the REGISTRATION

In case of claim contact our worldwide service centres via email or phone.

They can also help you to order spare parts if you do not do it online. Please see the XO SERVICE CENTRES for details.

From here you can order a spare part for your XO rod.

This service will become active soon. It will allow you to order a spare part anywhere and anytime. You'll pay it with your credit card and we will ship the part where ever you need it. Simple and fast.

XO worldwide service centres

XO product family is available via Vision distributors. To locate your own service centre (the distributor) please go to the Vision distributors page. From there you can also find out XO dealers in your own country.

Vision Group Ltd

Fly Fishing is not only a fun sport for us. We at Vision also love developing fly tackle and promoting this great way of using your valuable free time. Being serious but having fun at the same time and not forgetting the main issues of fly fishing has taken us to the position we have today. There's Vision in fly fishing in over 40 countries world wide. Besides VISION we also have KEEPER in our product repertoire.

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